Universitat d’Andorra

University of Andorra

We are Andorra’s only public university. Founded in 1997, our mission is to meet the needs of Andorran society in regards to higher education and research.

Our university is comprised of the College of Health and Education Sciences, the College of Business and Technology, and the College of eLearning and Lifelong Learning. With an extensive offer of lifelong learning courses and a small student body of just over 500 students in formal educational degrees, we pride ourselves on on our ability to provide personal attention to our students, our service to society, and our collaborative approach to research and learning.

Over 130 degrees offered and more than 11,000 students who have passed through the university over the last 28 years of experience can vouch for our institution.

We train students in the knowledge and the competencies they need to quickly and successfully access the working world.

Students at the University of Andorra are highly satisfied with this training and the experience they gain during their course of study at the University.

Visit our website for more information. We hope it will be useful to you and we hope to welcome you to UdA soon.