Mountain Destination Management

30 ECTS credits October 2018 – July 2019
Language: English Format: Online with two on-site sessions

A Postgraduate Programme in Mountain Destination Management presented by the University of Andorra (UdA), the UNWTO.Themis Foundation and Pallarsactiu, with limited coursework provided by Colorado State University (CSU) and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

This degree will enable you to enhance your knowledge and professional skills, develop strategies and manage sustainable and responsible mountain tourism destinations. The programme covers all aspects that comprise the tourist experience, planning and implementation, resource management, services, infrastructure, events, activities and all the general elements that ensure the best experience for visitors to mountain destinations.


Credits & Course Details

Our Postgraduate Diploma has a total of 30 ECTS credits with a curriculum that will offer you the opportunity to focus on your professional career through greater specialisation. On completion of this postgraduate course, we will award you the Postgraduate Diploma in Mountain Destination Management.

The curriculum is structured in 3 common knowledge blocks and a final project:

1. Introduction to the Sustainable Management of Mountain Tourism Destinations
  • Examine tourism activity trends in the global world
  • Understand the essentials of tourism destination management
  • Discuss the concept of sustainability and its relevance to tourism
  • Introduction to tourism
  • The tourist destination: definition, elements and typologies
  • Characterisation of mountain destinations
  • Technological development of smart mountain destinations (SMD)
  • Leisure and free time in the 21st century
  • Sport and adventure tourism
  • Models of mountain tourism destinations:
  • Ski and mountain tourism
  • Wellness tourism
  • Natural and cultural heritage interpretation
  • Sustainability of mountain destinations (economic, social, cultural and environmental) Case study: Saas-Fee (Switzerland)
2. Mountain Tourism Destination Planning
  • Mountain Tourism Destination Strategic Planning
  • Stakeholders involved in Tourism Development
  • Creating and Implementing your Mountain Destination Strategic Plan
  • Summing Up a Mountain Destination Current Situation: a SWOT Analysis
  • Setting a Vision, Strategies, and Objectives
  • Turning Visions and Goals into Actions: The Action Plan
  • Implementing and Monitoring Our Action Plan
  • Mountain Tourism Destination Management
  • Destination Management Organization (DMO)
  • Tourism Development in Mountain Destinations
  • Planning and Managing Sustainable Mountain Destinations
  • Differences Between Tourist Attractions, Services, Products and Destinations
  • The Importance of Creating Products as a Final Goal of a Tourism Development Process
  • The Quality of the Visitors’ Experience: Modelling Mountain Tourism Destinations
  • CSU Advanced Seminar NRRT 525 – Ski Area Planning and Development*
3.  Mountain Tourism Destination Marketing
  • Fundamentals of mountain tourism destination marketing
  • Experiential tourism
  • Marketing planning
  • Market segmentation and target market definition
  • The tourist brand
  • Digital branding and engagement. Paid Owned Earned Media (P.O.E.M)
  • Design and development of experiences
  • Promotion of mountain destinations
  • Content marketing
  • Events as a marketing tool
  • CSU Advanced Seminar NRRT 523 – Strategic Ski Area Marketing and Management*
4. On-site sessions and final project
  • Two mandatory on-site sessions will take place in Andorra (March) and Pallars, Spain (June). These sessions will provide hands-on experience and networking opportunities through conferences, seminars and group work.
  • Students must complete a final project in which they present and defend an academic paper that integrates acquired skills and knowledge.

*Courses offered by Colorado State University